FileZilla fails to retrive directory listing

I keep getting this error in FileZilla.

I am using the same config parameters as instructed in milestone tasks. I have seen similar issues on forum, but none of the answers work for me. I ensured that my server is running, all config parameters are same, and even tried this solution

Nothing seems to work. Please help me, I’ve been stuck here for almost a week.

I did some changes and now I get this

directory listing will be enable by making some changes in .conf file so once study about directory listing on google and you will get it @Mujtaba

Hey @Mujtaba this happens in many cases kindly refer to these links you will able to find out

also checkout this and make sure you have not defined some unnecessary parameters under or left parameters under vsftpd.conf.

I added pasv_promiscous=YES as it was suggested in one of the links you provided. But still the error persists. Is there a possibility that my college LAN is blocking the ftp connection ? But in that case I should not even be getting “Connection estabilished”.

yeah most of the times this happens try to do it with your mobile hotspot and check if this works?