FileZilla Error Module 3

How to rectify this error.

Hi you can check this filezilla error., out.

This did not solve the issue

Hey @Manishka1 this can happen is following scenarios

  1. Make Sure Your Internet connection is working
  2. You have provided right parameters in the filezilla like Host_address user password port
  3. your QBox Server is running and listening on the port which you are connecting through to check this use netstat -an and make sure it is showing localhost:listen_port Established
  4. your filezilla is not listening on the default port 21

All the four possible reasons have been checked but still filezilla shows same error

@amanagar error is still there

Checkout Your vsftpd.conf file and parameters and try to do it again with backup vsftpd.conf file

@amanagar can you please give hints which parameters are to be added in such case because I added the required parameters already

Sorry i cannot provide that follow the instructions as mentioned there because of the community rules i cannot post those on forum

Sir I am stuck on this for more than 6 hours not asking the solution but please guide which area to look at

Even on the mobile client it shows disconnected and time out

@Manishka1 any update? I am facing the same issue

This is i guess needed to be after using netstat -an @amanagar

Not yet but figuring out

where is the backup conf file? @amanagar

Hey @Manishka1 what is your username in crio workspace

crio-user @amanagar is the username

i am not asking for this username i am asking for your username on crio VM

@amanagar manishka-gautam03

@amanagar Sir is this is an error from my side?