FileZilla Error :- Directory Listing Failed

I am able to connect to QBox host from FileZilla Desktop Client but it is not able to list the directory of host and not able to upload anything from the desktop

See this screenshot

Look for file permission or filezilla configuration settings

i have looked for file permissions and i think the problem is with filezilla configuration settings.
I have few doubts please answer these

  1. we have run ftp -p hostIP port( passive command ) in our workspace for which directory? is it for ftp_server directory which we have created or some other?
  2. In filezilla settings we have to select the following:-
    (i) File>SiteManager>General>Encryption> Only use Plain FTP
    (ii) File>SiteManager>TransferSettings > Passive
    (iii) File>SiteManager>General>Logon_Type > Normal
    (iv) Edit > Settings > FTP > Active > Ask your OS for external IP address.
    (v) Edit > Settings > FTP > Passive > use the server’s external IP address instead.

Please tell me where i am wrong, i am stuck at FileZilla from 2 days?

i don’t know why i am not getting help on this issue.