FileToTransfer: Permission denied

why this is showing error?

check the folder where file are being transfered and also the file permission,
see wheather the uploaded file exist or not

file exists

yeah than use lcd command to change your directory and download the file outside ftp_client

restart the server , brother

same error again

please try lcd command instead of cd once

some version have error.

showing same problem with all versions.

showing same problem with all versions(except v1).

If we use lcd, the directory of the client is changed

using cd

@mansim3006 Try to repeat this process with some other version. May be this version is faulty.


how to resolve this error

showing same with other versions too(except v1)

And also you should connect to the server(ftp) from ftp_client directory not from ftp_server directory.

Some versions are faulty. Try every single version and see if this problem exist in them