File upload and Download take to much time

first i download file it takes 588 seconds and then while i upload it’s more then 15 minute i can’t get any it dependent on internet speed ??

Note :
-> I create 1 GB file in /home/crio-user/ftp_server/1g.bin. I run ftp from /home/crio-user/ftp_client.
->Other thing is while uploading file my cpu usage is 0%

Hey , this is basically an analysis phase, you have to understand as to which versions vary from the baseline version. There may be some faulty versions. Note down your analysis.

but it’s more then 15 minute still i can’t get result of put methode now what i do??
i seen that some others user get result in just 10 - 20 seconds.

and also cpu usage is 0% while upload file

Hey,i too am facing the same problem.My download time is taking more than 15 mins ,still it doesnt download completely.And Do i need to download using all the versions of vsftpd?Please clarify.