File transfer ftp put command error

200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.
553 Could not create file.

This is the error im getting.

pwd gives “/home/crio-user/ftp_server”
lcd gives “/home/crio-user/ftp_client”

I have checked that vsftpd.conf file has write_enabled=YES

get is working when Im using sudo ftp.

put is giving me that error

There are some faulty versions …so u might be running either of those

this is version 1 that im running

Have you done all primary setup and make sure no other versions are running in background
And i don’t think ftp needs sudo

Is write_enable=YES is present in your config file?

yes yes

I dont have the local permission to write files. Its giving me error in case of get command also. but when i use sudo ftp … then the error goes away for get .

Give your vsftpd.conf file permission to write files.

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