File Transfer fail direction

I am getting correct output for “evaluate_file_transfer_fail_task” which means i am writing the correct version where file transfer fails.

Now in “evaluate_file_transfer_fail_task_direction” we need to specify the direction of failing i.e

I have tried all the above three possibilities but got TEST_STATUS_FAILURE. Please tell what corrections I need to do ?

I saw your code, your version number for file transfer and your direction of failing is also wrong. Figure it out and try it again :slight_smile:

wait why is there a 3rd point, first and second already tells about both direction

There can also be possibility of failing in both directions. It is clearly mentioned in the taskboard documentation.

yes it is,so you mentioning both upload and download in point 1 and point 2 should cover that also right?why you need 3rd then

The task doesn’t require different direction of failure for each faulty version. Maybe that’s one of the reasons you are getting an error.

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Issue Resolved now ! Thanks .