File permissions Milestone 3

I tried checking the file permission of different versions using certain commands after upload but found them same as that with QBox_benchmark. Can anyone tell as to how shall i write, then in incorrect_file_permission_analysis file, given, that i did not find any version violating the benchmark standard and if anyone found variations in file permission can you please guide towards correct approach?

Hey @Manishka1 there is no chance that all versions are not violating any parameter in QBox_benchmark those versions are created with some faults so they have to violate some parameters in QBox_benchmark so try to find out which are these versions and what parameters they are violating. file with substring analysis asking about how have you find out and what insight you have got from that task.

Hey I’m facing the same problem, I’ve tried downloading files with every version and checking their permissions, and they all seem to be the same. What do you suggest I do?

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Think this through. For file permissions, we are talking about uploading to a server. With what permissions does the store the files. Also, keep in mind that if the file already exists, the existing permissions will be retained.
For download, we don’t worry about the permissions since that will be on your local machine.


@Kiran Sir then do we have to create new files and then check for permissions?Does this mean, for every version we will be creating new file and then comparing it with the QBenchmark?

yeah i also didn’t understand how to check the permissions different as the benchmark.

You can delete the existing uploaded file and upload it again.

I was using a new file for every version of vsftpd i was using, still was getting the same file permission, thought this might be an issue cos of cookies (no clue) hence cleared cookies every time and started afresh with the next version, but still was getting the same file permission. No clue why…

Thank you sir i finally got it @Kiran

Thank you sir @amanagar

How you got this @Manishka1? I got same type of permission for every beta versions i.e. rw-r–r--
Am I right?