File permission in benchmark

should we overwrite the file permission already given in the benchmark file or should we set our file permission to that given in benchmark file.

The one mentioned in the file is just an example. Please replace it with what you see.

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And one more question. For example, if during the testing of high cpu usage versions some of the versions are not able to even transfer files, should i include those versions in the faulty ones or should i only include the version which takes high cpu usage.

If there are multiple versions that fail to transfer files, you can include all of them in your submission.

Hi Kiran,
Do you mean that “QBox_benchmark” file needs to be written in own words and not in the format that is already provided in the file ?

No, I did NOT mean that. Please use the format provided.

Could you also help with this Doubt in Milestone 3

i have the same doubt

i am in module 4 milestone 2
it asks to mention the high cpu usage versions

lets say
for example vsftpdv4 took 50% and
vsftpdv5 took 40 %
these two are more according to vsftpd v1 (cpu usage) and v2 has some other issue.

then what should my high cpu usage file contain




then what should i do
should i include vsftpd_v2

please help me

The first option, put v4 and v5.
Hint: You can check if the file is taking long to transfer by checking if the file size is increasing, but slowly OR it has stopped completely.
You are on the right track :slight_smile:

I’m deleting this post since you are sharing details about the task execution. Please check all tasks, this may fall under one of the errors.