File path failing on module2 trades_old.json

File path = Paths.get(Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResource(args[0]).toURI()).toFile();

im using this line to get the path of the file
my ./gradlew build --args “json.trades date” is passing but showing null pointer error when im doin it for trades_old.json
can somebody explain me why this is happening?

actually my build is failing trades_invalid_dates so i am trying to debug what’s going wrong , im rtrying to run it with the file in build/test/assessment folder named as trades_invalid_dates.json but it is showing error while reading the file

If you want to really check it paste trades_invalid_dates.json into the main/resources folder.
for debug your code used debugger and try to use step_into and step_out button from pop-up menu.

Please don’t share code snippets here at the forum.

Got it but it was exactly the same code that was asked in the question! BTW I will keep it in mind and will not do it again!