File in which we have to make changes to be able to commit for assessment if there are no other changes in other files and i had committed earlier

Can some one tell me the filename where changes are to be made to allow a new commit after a commit has already been made and there are no other changes to other files

can you please elaborate more?

sir i had made a commit yesterday night in module 3 and the assessment failed. I had made no other changes in any of the files today and want to go assessment again but its not committing. During Qeats we were said to make changes to a file like giving a space etc in a new line so that the files get committed and assessed. I want to know the name of that file.

If your assessment got failed yesterday then make some change to that file which you are working on. Fix that and push it again :slight_smile:

i have fixed the issue. I had to create a new user and hence no changes to file are required and hence the file is not getting pushed and assessed.