Fatal: could not set remote

  1. When I try to set up my workspace for module 3. It does not let me add the new remote. It gives me the following error:

error: could not lock config file .git/config: File exists

  1. I’ve spent about 20 minutes on the issue, I went through google but none of the answers seemed relavent. Even the answers here in the forums aren’t exactly the same.

  2. I believe the issue is within the config file of my .git folder. Maybe something to do with an existing config.lock file. I didn’t want to try to delete it because something might go wrong. Here is my .git directory:

Maybe you can move the file and then re-run the “git remote add …” command again. That might fix the issue

Deleting the file worked. I believe that an issue with my Internet may have caused some anomaly which is why the config.lock file was not auto deleted at the end of my last push.

Its working fine. Check it now