Failure: The packets do not indicate the full TCP handshake ['62', '347', '789']

Hi, I am getting a test case failure only in tcp_handshake. I guess I have mentioned correct packet numbers still I am getting the build failure.

You might be wrong. Look at the SEQUENCE of a TCP handshake

Take a look at this link.

The sequence of packets mentioned in this link make a full TCP handshake

Hey @ndsingh, What flags are set during a 3 way handshake?
Correct! SYN,SYN/ACK and ACK.
So you should filter packets with these flags set in wireshark and mention those 3 packet number.
Note: In sequence SYN > SYN/ACK > ACK


@ndsingh, Also [‘62’, ‘347’, ‘789’] is obviously wrong! But why?
3 way handshake packet numbers are always in sequence one after another.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help! It worked.

Hey @ndsingh, If your issue was addressed then mark the answer and close the tread.
Thank you!