Failing unit testing

i am stuck in these 3 failed unit testing.
i have written the versions according to my observations.

Maybe you need to consider doing your observation a little in detail. Refer the FAQs on forum, you will find the hints and answers.

have you answered the question properly in thoes files and have used comma properly

i haven’t used comma . i just wrote the first version in first line and second version in next line.

@nhvrm18 so now check wheather u wrote correct version or not

In config_params_to_correct_file_permissions, the correct parameter is not specified.
In high_cpu_usage_versions, there are multiple versions.
In file_transfer_not_possible_versions, write version names like,

@Kiran i am able to resolve these from so many days . can you please check my answers whether they are correct or not.

The file config_params_to_correct_file_permissions has a leading space in the filename, rename it an submit.
For the file high_cpu_usage_versions, there is a leading space in the filename, rename it.
The answer is incorrect. Please re-run the test and check if all 3 versions you have specified take up much higher CPU than v1.
Hint: The correct version is also mentioned but incorrect ones are mentioned as well.
For file_transfer_not_possible_versions, your answer is correct. Please remove the leading space in the filename and submit.

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thank you much @Kiran . i passed all the test cases.