Failing test case for milestone 3

Although I have been able to create and transfer files using external clients that is Filezilla and mobile client it is still not passing

I even uploaded a file and downloaded it on my phone. Not able to figure out what my error is

Please check your vsftpd.log file, in that file see if this external client server communication is recorded or not. If it is not recorded then you will fail the testcases.

It’s not updating in the log file. What to do?

See the below links for reference.

There are multiple topics on this same issue, please go through it you may find a solution to your problem.

Check the location of file which you are uploading and downloading. Is that file are on the right location.?

I am uploading in workspace folder only

It’s not empty.Previous operations are there. Just the external FTP one’s are missing

In test case , it test through log file itself if it is not reflecting in log file . So it will not pass the test case.

It is not reflecting. How to resolve. Although previous changes are reflected. These external client one’s are not reflected

Have you setup this correctly.?


Yeah. If I wouldn’t have done that then it won’t create a log file only at first place in that directory