Failing Assessment but working in terminal

From really long time i am trying to debug my code for the milestone task 2 … It is working fine in the terminal but it is not passing assessment, i have passed all the others assessments from module 2 just struck in it…please somebody help

I think there is issue with check_QBox_server_disk_space, you might be taking wrong value as an input. Because the value it is taking is less than 4 gb. You have to be careful.

Make sure you try your code with different commands, because some commands are not allowed.
The one mentioned in the files are allowed.

/betusingh031-ME_QBOX-a4d8b0f2-4a71-11ea-bace-771c66e4f57a/execution_dir/ /etc/os-release returncode > 0! Check your code.
Please help me , I don’t know what is the meaning of this error , I tried to run my code on Terminal and it gives correct output but on assessment this error generated !