Failing 5/19 testcases in module3test

How can i resolve these

all moduletwo tests are passing

Please refer to the following FAQ

Firstly make sure if all your local test cases are passing. If not, recheck the TODO’s and check if you have done every TODO correctly.

Local testcases are passing

Also i have not hardcoded any value as a lesson from module 1 teachings.

Please try to perform ./gradlew test and see if all the local test cases are passing.

Task :qmoney:test

com.crio.warmup.stock.PortfolioManagerApplicationTest > mainCalculateAnnualReturn() FAILED
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException at

It seems that you have got the above error . Please try to resolve it.

Please try to refer to the following FAQ

Got it thanks
It was an arrayout of bounds exceptions

@yashkedia As the issue is resolved and you have moved onto the next module, I am closing this topic.
For further queries, you can create a new topic and continue there.