Facebook image not being shown in showcase channel

I have called the api correctly & checked the api response too, its returning the id & post_id but the post is not showing up on showcase channel, trying from 30 mins…


Same here. Even after repeated attempts

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even i’m facing same problem from past 40mins
#error #systemissue

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Looking into this. Kindly give me 10 minutes.


What is facebookpage id

Me too…post id and id are coming response code is 200. I am not able to see the post and assessment is failing.

actually, team crio has acknowledged it, they are working
But what should we do? commit?

my status code is showing 200 but it image is not showing in showcase and also assessment is failing

It is fixed now. Hope you are all able to see your posts.

my post is still not there @sridherj-criodo

wait for the bot to publish it
it usually takes around five minutes
mine took about 25 minutes
if you’re confident that your code is working then try push your code base
if its a success you will advance to module 2

don’t wait for the slackbot

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someone plz guide me why my assessment is failing but my statuscode shows 200

try to use all the argument passed in the function and do not hardcode anything

Try out with another URL

tried…still the same

My page_id is giving error on assesment but on hardcoding, it is getting accepted

My code is returning id and post_id and my post is posted on showcase channel too but still the assessment test case failed…what should I do?

Did they resolved your problem cause i am getting the same problem

yes. just keep tweaking your code.