Expected file permissions

In Task#1, we have to collect all the metrics and log them in QBox_benchmark.
Later, in Task#3, we have to compare the file permissions of different QBox server versions and ensure that they match the baseline version. We are also told that we can set a flag in the conf file to ensure the correct permissions are set.

My question is, what exactly are the correct permissions? If my baseline version when doing an upload(without the flag set), gives say, read and execute permissions to only the owner and groups in the destination file, then are those the correct permissions, and we need those to reflect across the other versions? Or is there are a specific set of (read,write,execute) that we need to give across owner, group and users?

Whatever Version1 was doing is the correct behaviour.

Is it okay if additional permissions are also given? Or do they have to match the exact permissions of version 1?

Match with version1, that is the ask.

Further to this, in Task#7, when we are automating this process, the script always outputs ‘success’ because I have set the flag in the conf file (thus the permissions will always match), even for faulty versions. Do I have to unset the flag when running the automation script?

Yes, to detect the faulty version, you’ll have to run without config changes.

@Kiran It is given in milestone 3 that we have to add flags in the config file about the permissions and then enter those flag in a new flag. My question is what exactly should the permissions be that are to be inserted in the config file?

That is for you to figure out. Head to the vsftpd config manual page here http://vsftpd.beasts.org/vsftpd_conf.html
You should set these parameters such that the file permissions would be similar to v1, the benchmark version.

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