Exactly which packet number we have to fill in milestone 3 of module 5?

which packet we have to fill in this file packet_numbers_for_tcp_connection_setup ?

Read the instruction and figure it out.

Sir Instructions are not clear that’s why i am posting this question .

You will have to figure out the packet number itself

Any one have idea which packet should I write in module 5 milestone 3,I Already tried Wireshark filter but not get +ve result.

You need to find the relevant filter and ensure that all the packets you have written fully represent the TCP/IP handshake.

I can see 2 such handshakes, which one to choose?

If you see 2, you can pick any one of them.

What to do if the value of time in milliseconds is very small?

Go ahead and put whatever value you see.

@visargdesai from where did you get the time may u please hint is it the as my .pcap file shows no time so quite confused which time to use

in the .pcap file you will see a time column (2nd column). You can note down the starting and ending time and do the math. Or else you can go to statistics–>Conversation and then see the duration there.

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