Evaluate_time_taken_task.py Failing

I am getting this Unit testing log.
I am getting approx. same value for time taken by different versions of vsftpd file to transfer(upload/download) 1GB/small files as the benchmark values, so I tried what was suggested for that condition as answer
Still getting this log. I am stuck on this issue since yesterday. Someone please help!

It seems you have mentioned the wrong version. And you need not leave the first line empty.

Even I am failing at this task from long time did you complete it.Tried all versions but always fail

As told in many post on forum that the difference will be large between faulty version(s) and non-faulty version(s), so I was looking for big differences. But in my case the difference was very little so I tried the version(s) with highest time taken as answer and it worked. Also, as told by @sashi_Crio.Do there is no need to leave first line empty.