Evaluate_file_permission_task error

Error in evaluate_file_permission_task.All other testcases passed. What might be the problem?
Anyone help me.

Are you getting the same permissions for the uploaded file as that of the benchmark version after making changes to the vsftpd.conf file?

Getting same error after changes.

You might have entered wrong version. Please check. Also refer to the following link

It is correct sir.
What should I write in incorrect_file_permission_analysis ?
Just the incorrect permission permission(ie for eg : rw----format) or any other format?
I am trying it for 3 hours.

Two lines needs to be added.
One with the commands you used to look for permissions
And then the permission in rw— format

The format is already shown in milestone

No. You have mentioned the wrong version.

Getting different wrong permissions for different versions. Do i need to mention all those?

Do one thing

Create a file in ftpclient. Then upload the file to ftpserver for version 1.

Now check the permission for the file in ftpserver ditectory. That is the bechmark value.

You need to check this same process for every other version and compare value with benchmark.

You can include all the versions that you think are faulty

Thank you very much.Got passed .