Errors in Assessment Module 3

I have transferred the log files from /home/crio-user/workspace/vsftpd.log to /home//client_server/vsftpd.log Before submitting but still having the error !

Please tell me where im going wrong :confused:

You are getting error in the assessment where it is checking that QBox server is running or not on the listen_port which you have defined so make sure you have ran that command which is in module 3 milestone 2 and the second failed test case is looking for confirmation that you are successfully able to transfer files between client and server so make sure your vsftpd.log file able to capture the log for that by looking into the vsftpd.log file

Yes sir, i transferred the file from ftp_server to ftp_client (using both put and get ) and even was able to transfer files from the android app to the server then download the same in the PC application.
And whenever i login or initiate the transfer, the vsftpd.log file updates on its own, i checked the updation while i ran the upload and download processes sir.

i have mentioned one more thing you have to run command which is mentioned in module 3 milestone 2

Yes sir, I just started the server and checked using the netstat command. It is listening in the 8081 port

keep looking into this i have mentioned all possible scenarios where you can get wrong and also if you are getting error just refer the instructions and references you will get it done.

Okay so for those who have the same or one of these issues,
For the confirm_server_listening error, make sure you are running the server and run the last command in milestone 1
For the confirm_client_server_communication run the ftp with the local machine’s IP.
Good Luck!!

Thank you so much sir!! Solved it finally!