Error with JsonProcessing in annual returns app folder

add a throws declaration to the function and import exception

Which function as i have added according to the functions mentioned in module 7

i havent completed but i tried to solve this issue you should add throws to annualreturnapp/ to function where line 41 is present

But we should not change anything in the annual returns app right?

i think its for test files

If you’re still struggling with this issue.

  1. Pull new annual-return-app from git
  2. If this will not work then check whether in function definition throws JsonProcessingException is present or not. Line number is clearly mentioned in error where this exception is coming from.

Hi @Adityesh,

In your calculateAnnualizedReturns method in code, you aren’t catching JsonProcessingException.

You need to add this exception to throws deceleration of calculateAnnualizedReturns and catch it as well. You can do that by catching a generic Throwable object and throwing RunTimeException, as required in the module. Please note that you may need to do this for other functions that call calculateAnnualizedReturns. The compiler will inform you of that.

Let me know if this helps!

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Hey is your issue resolved? can you confirm from your side that you have done a git Checkout for this particular module?

Are you done with this error if not then checked Exception needs to be handled.

I am done with the issue and moved on to the next module.

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