Error while setup2

When I try to debug tests on mainReadFiles vscode shows build failed and I got this error…
Error: No delegateCommandHandler for No delegateCommandHandler for No delegateCommandHandler for

Reset your workspace and You need to wait for the java things. As you can see in the bottom of your workspace.

I did it two times and it also shows building workspace 100% but after that when I try to debug test it shows build failed and shows two options abort and proceed. when I click proceed it also getting failed.

I have reset the workspaces multiple times and waited until it completely downloads it,still when i click debug test after add breakpoint ,it gives the error

Error: No delegateCommandHandler for


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Have you solved it?I have reset it multiple times.

No, I also tried 5 - 6 times but I don’t get any solution.

Same here tried reseting many times

Did you get anything for this problem?
Yesterday, It worked but now it is not working I reset workspace 3 times but still it is not working.

If you are connected to LAN with proxy server, it throws the error. You can try with mobile data or VPN.

I am using Mobile data only

@Rohin_Crio-Tech @Shrangi.Crio.TA
still facing the same problem even after resetting

Not True i m on mobile data still same error

Guys, click “Go to Workspace” and try again. That worked for me. Was facing that issue till now. DONT TRY “Reset Workspace”. Check if this works!

It would be better to wait until 100% build and then no problem in this regard shall arise

it actually worked thanks bro