Error while running script in terminal

I am getting an error while trying to run the file in the terminal. The command I wrote is correct because I checked the output on the terminal for the command before adding it to the .sh file.

Command I used: ./ /proc/meminfo
Error I got: bash: ./ bin/bash: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
pwd : /home/crio-user/workspace/a-pratham1998-ME_QBOX/server_configuration

Hi @APratham
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Hi @APratham,

Could you try changing the first line of the .sh from: #!/bin/bash to: #!/usr/bin/bash and see if that helps?


Done. Still getting the same error

Alright, then the issue is not related to the interpreter at all. Please make sure that the first line is #!/bin/bash

Can you please confirm you have used the right variables? It is possible the variables you have defined and the ones you are storing the result in do not match the predefined lines of if else conditions.

I have checked the variables too. I could try once by replacing the first line back to #!/bin/bash

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