Error while running ./gradlew build bootrun

Getting the above when I run ./gradlew build bootrun

I get build success when I run ./gradlew verifyMavenJarsCreated

I also referred this from FAQs

Okay as far as I can see from your screenshots, you are getting an Import; Package not found error, You can refer to this FAQ to understand how to debug this task here :slight_smile: I referred the FAQ you mentioned and executed ./gradlew clean command. But this did not solve my issue.

Did you make any changes to any file in the annual-return-app directory? No, I did not. I am stuck on this literally from morning.

Hi @sudonitin,

Can you confirm the dto and portfolio folders are present in your directory and you have done a hard refresh before trying again? I ask this because according to the error they seem to be missing and its possible they somehow were deleted or there is a path issue which usually gets resolved after a hard refresh and full workspace build.

@shoryajain No, it did not help me either.

The best way to approach this problem is to find the inner most class that has the error. You obviously have a compile issue that cascades.

import A;

class B {
A a;

import B;

class C {
B b; >>> Let’s say you get a compilation issue here, because it says B doesn’t exist;

Then check why class B is not compiled; You might end up seeing class A is not compiled because of some issue.

Then dive into class A and go to the exact line where you see the issue. If it has something to do with package, you may have possibly got the wrong package name for this class. If you fix that, everything else gets sorted.

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