Error while changing port

Failed to save ‘vsftpd_v1.conf’: Unable to write file (NoPermissions (FileSystemError): Error: EACCES: permission denied, open ‘/home/crio-user/workspace/QBox/vsftpd_v1.conf’)

Use sudo nano <file_name> in the terminal to edit the file

it shows change in sudo nano file but not while open in visual studio
please help

same error after changing file using sudo nano filename

change the ownership of file to crio-user (google for chown command)

Hey @harsh1868, VS Code has crio-user access only so you have to change the config file ownership to crio-user to edit with VS Code.
Note: Do not forget change back the ownership back to root.

sudo chown

sudo chown crio-user:crio-user


sudo chown crio-user

While editing, always change the ownership to crio-user and while executing since u need admin permission, change it to root

@abhishek_chandar Correct!