Error: unable to fetch any details in frontend page although all tests and build are passed succesfully

This is the error which i am getting currently although all the builds are passed successfully and getting build successful message in assessment.
Is this error meant to be there to solved in next module?

This is the exact error i am getting too.
I have all the tests passed successfully but the UI is showing this error.
Any help would be appreciated.

This error was supposed to be fixed in module 5 you should have got the front end working in module 5 nevertheless you can do it module 7

Look at the type of error. It can’t be reproduced in module 5

The test cases under the hood are meant for checking your logic.

I am having the Same Issue.

Lucky you and me i just found the solution to this error seems to me that crio needs to polish there test cases a bit . This error exists when I used null.equalsIgnoreCase(“anyString”) on null object .As this bug came to spotlight when i checked the annual-return-app java classes it is sending null as a service provider for ServiceFactory you just need to filter your input while returning what service you want in StockQuoteServiceFactory.getService function, which was resulting on nullPointerException.


Yes that fixed the error thanks a lot.

Feeling relaxed after seeing those returns :money_mouth_face:.