Error in Unit testing : Module 4 Milestone #3

Unit testing log says - Incorrect config parameters specified in file and Incorrect version mentioned.

But according to what i ran the version i specified in the file was the only one making issues with file permission after i uploaded it. ( i deleted the file created from older versions regularly before uploading the same from another vsftpd version)

In the file where im supposed to mention the version number, i wrote vsftpd_(version_Number)
and in the config parameters i wrote it as, parameter=value

what am i doing wrong here?

Make sure that the file permissions for that version differ from the benchmark version.
For the config parameter, you need to set it in such a way that the uploaded file will match the permissions of the benchmark version.
Your format seems to be correct, but your answers are wrong I guess.

You need not write any comments into any of the file.
just write “parameter=value” and the for versions write "vsftpd_(version_number).
And also after making necessary changes , please push the code.

I’ve checked them twice, for only one version does the file permission changes to --w------- and by changing a parameter linked to masking, this error was rectified and i got the same file permission as that of benchmark

I did what u said sir, But the unit testing doesnt seem to pass. Still says the same error sir!

Right. Check for any spelling mistakes with the version name, the config param name and the file name.

Some of the answers are wrong, please check it.

Okay sir, a doubt. After i make the transfer with the correct file permissions, should i delete the changes i’ve made to the conf file and then add to the config_parameters file or i should keep the changes made ?

Once you find the version(s) which is creating file with wrong permission, make these config file changes and test that it can give the correct file permissions with these changes.
After this you can remove these config file changes.

ma’am I changed the value for local_umask and file_open_mode but the the permisions is not changing what should I do?
pease do help…i stuck with it last 2 days

If you are doing this correctly, you should see a change in the file permissions.
Please upload (not download) a file that is not present. If the file already exists and is being overwritten by upload, the file permissions won’t change.