Error in Setup of Module-1

I keep getting this error and i have been refreshing from 2 days but it’s not working

Please help

You can ignore this error by closing the pop-up. see the below attachment

It is still not working. I am getting AssertionFailedError and it displays failed in Java Test Report.

Assertion failure is different and this error is different do not confuse in both.

Assertion failure comes when your code output is not correct. your code output is not matching with the expected output. Using JUnit your code has been tested on different case scenarios and this is called unit testing.

I haven’t changed the code even a bit. It’s just the setup and i am getting this

The reason you are getting this error is because you are trying to run a test case on a method which is returning empty list. The test case is not expecting an empty list. This setup task’s purpose is know how to use debugger in VS Code so that while doing future modules you know how to rectify your mistakes or errors in your code without needing anybody to debug your code. Please let me know if this answer was helpful or not.

Yea that helped. Thank you