Error in setup 1

Can anyone help me out with this error ???

Go through the exception StockQuoteServiceException, you will understand how it needs to be thrown. What I think is, you have not declared the exception before throwing it.

Yes, StockQouteServiceException was to be carefully thrown in 7th module. There might be a mistake while executing that. Please check @rg99 reply. Let us know if your issue is resolved or not.

Do i need to co figure try catch in annual return app too ??

Try going through this link. I hope you will understand how the exception needs to be thrown.

I had the same issue. Go to qmoney directory do ./gradlew publishtomavenlocal(please check it before using) and then go back and do ./gradlew bootrun

Yes I think so. Thankx @Samyak_Jain

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