Error in module 3 milestone 3

2020-02-10 05:10:19,678 unitTesting INFO Running command_runner
2020-02-10 05:10:19,713 unitTesting INFO Running…
2020-02-10 05:10:20,384 unitTesting INFO Module setup complete!
2020-02-10 05:10:20,386 unitTesting INFO Starting assessment…
2020-02-10 05:10:20,386 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-10 05:10:20,610 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_SUCCESS
2020-02-10 05:10:20,612 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-10 05:10:21,017 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_SUCCESS
2020-02-10 05:10:21,019 unitTesting INFO Assessing
2020-02-10 05:10:21,249 unitTesting INFO Failure: External Client hasn’t successfully connected to Server

2020-02-10 05:10:21,250 unitTesting INFO File: | Status: TEST_STATUS_FAILURE
2020-02-10 05:10:21,251 unitTesting INFO Assessment finished!
2020-02-10 05:10:21,251 unitTesting INFO Starting cleanup…
2020-02-10 05:10:21,297 unitTesting INFO Running…

Sir files are shared in remote site via pc as well as phone…and changes after refreshing are both refeletced in mobile as well as pc…still after coyying vsftpd.log to desired location and submitting still gets error.

did u check the vsftpd log file whether updated?

its seems that it is not updating…even though transfer is complete from both ends

There is solution on discussion forum for vsftpd file not updating…

sir can u plz give the link for that