Error in module 2

I am getting returncode > 0! Check your code error. Unable to rectify the error. I am using grep and gawk commands.

Hi @Vaishnavi_Singh, could you provide more info about how you got the error, what steps you were performing. The info you provided is kind of vague for me to provide a definite solution :frowning_face:.

Hmm… can you re-read the TODO in the file. You are very close to the solution! :slight_smile:

Okay, i can figure out that maybe i am using string and need to convert to integer. But how to do that ?

For that you need to search for type casting in awk on google.

Okay, working on it . Thanks

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I think that converts string into float not int. Use another solution.

i think posting code is not allowed better delete this ASAP

using %d also, i am getting permission denied.

Check this out.

still getting permission denied

Is this issue resolved or not?

not resolved. Unable to figure out what’s wrong in my code ?

Try using cut command
Here you go for the reference:

I have similar issue ? Is this issue resolved?

Not resolved till now.

Now i am able to get the integer from the string. But still getting the same error : ./ line 25: /proc/meminfo: Permission denied

Please Somebody from crio team help us. how to type cast variable to integer value?

How did you get this?
For permission denied you have use chmod command

I am using chmod, but still getting permission denied. I even tried sudo chmod !