Error in module 2 printJsonObject

I am getting error: cannot find symbol

while the printJsonObject(mainReadQuotes(args)); is pre written in the file. How to resolve ?

Quick fix is showing that I need to create that method . Am I supposed to do this ?

@Vaishnavi_Singh The printJsonObject is a helper method provided by default. It could be the case that it got accidentally removed when resolving merge conflicts for Module 2

If that’s the case, you can copy the code from the remote repo where we pulled the stub code

U might accidentally removed it while solving merge conflicts. The code u push in the previous module is there in ur gitlab, u can directly copy paste from ur gitlab

Hi @Vaishnavi_Singh,

From your error, it might be possible that the printJsonObject method was accidentally removed while resolving the merge conflict. I’ll recommend you just open Gitlab, go to your last push and copy the code for the method.

This way, you can easily retain your code for current module as well. Also, try to ensure there is no other compilation error in the file which might be preventing the method from being accessed.

Let me know if the issue persists!

Got it. Thank you everyone.

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Okay. How to close the ticket ?

you get an option to mark one of the answers as the solution,
pick the one that helped you solve your problem or just pick your own comment if you ended up fixing it yourself