Error in Module 2 milestone 1 ,Error in publish the downloaded image to the QEats Facebook page:

  1. Describe the issue briefly
    python3: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Please help

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  2. What is your hypothesis?

@gouravsardana have a look

You are in the wrong directory. Make sure you are in the directory which has

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@gouravsardana see in this image
I m in correct directory

@gouravsardana In the

> singhsaumyas150-ME_QEATS_REVIEW_MP directory is at the bottom

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If you running your file irrespective of the folder then you can use this — >
pyhton3 < file>

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@gouravsardana I think this is done now .
Right ?

Still something like “” (double quote) or single quote(’) is missing. Check it out