Error in milestone 3

i am currently facing an error which I am unable to understand please can u help me with that

unitTesting ERROR /crio-2017077-iiitdmj-ac-ME_QBOX-63f9a922-49a1-11ea-a8fd-630227a642fa/execution_dir/ returncode > 0! Check your code.

same issue . please help

It means that the grep command when tested with a non available string will return 1 which is >0 and return code 0 means file was successful. So not finding a string will create a problem. U have to somehow make sure grep always exits by returning zero

When I gave non available string it returns 0 not 1.Then why it is showing the same error.

Even if you pass an empty file it will show the same error. The problem is in your code. Check whether the output in the local terminal is 32