Error in milestone 1 of module 3

vsftpd_v1: command not found
how to solve this please help me.

Hey the vsftpd_v1 has to be an executable command,
type ./vsftpd_v1 :slight_smile:

it is showubg this

were u able to solve the problem ?
i have the same problem

Can you show me all the commands that you have executed i might be able to help

I executed ./vsftpd
It says:
500 OOPS: vsftpd: must be started as root (see run_as_launching_user option)

use sudo before the command to run as root

I did… But what’s the password for sudo

Close your workspace and restart it you’ll see your ip username and password at start copy them and then proceed

did you try to paste it?

i think pasting password is not possible

oh okay thanks it worked
But i got a new error :
sudo: ./vsftpd: command not found

Sorry i fixed its okay, the server starts i guess

IMPORTANT : Please DO NOT install vsftpd using apt-get . The required files are provided in the QBox directory.

  1. Why does it report a command not found error although you can see the executable file right there?
  2. Did you give vsftpd_v1 execute permissions?
  3. How can you run an executable as root ?

try to learn more about point no 2

Whatever I do … even after setting listen_port=8081 the service is running on 21 only

How You resolved this error ?