Error in mainReadFile() and mainReadQuotes()

i am getting error in in these two methods while i run debugger…Do we need to include these methods as well in…do wer need to call these two methods in main as well …we have called printJsonObject(mainCalculateSingleReturn(args)) already…if we need two call these two methods…what are the expected to return now.

check the screenshot

So the above methods that you have shown in your screenshot, refer to the methods in module 1(mainReadFile) / 2(getStockQuote), have you removed these?
in the portfolio manager Application file ?
if you have no worries
you can refer to your Gitlab Qmoney Repository that you pushed for assesment and get the required codes from there.

so we need both the methods from module 1 and module 2 with the same codes or do we need to make some changes??

No you don’t have to make any changes , you just have to copy and put your code there

sir even i have copied the code exactly the same still getting error in mainReadFile() code…which was of module 1…

I can see, Array Index out of Bounds Exception for mainReadfile testcase , can you check again?
you can remove the breakpoints now in your code

removed sir…still error on run test

That is fine , the error would still even if you remove the breakpoints. ArrayIndexOut of bounds Exception is caused because of some logical error in your code, can you examine your code and tell me as to why this happens
You can take the help of the following FAQ and understand why you are running into this.
Error: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception.

but sir this function passed module 1 and module 2…so why the same function is failing in module 3…do there are some more test cases for this function in module 3?…kindly reply sir

Have you resolved the above exception?

still not able to figure out why this exception is coming…it seems to work fine when module 1 and module 2 was evaluated…

So you are absolutely sure this is not an error from your side?

yes sir…it seems so…that same function passed module 1 and module 2

So I can assume this change in the test file was not made by you?

yes sir…now understand…i made some changes in that test file…thank u sir…issue resolved…