Error in ./gradlew test in milestone 1

there is error in which i am not able to resolve
check screenshot

@aakarsh2126 you need to create a constructor in the specific file to resolve that error, its the part of TODO’s and you need to find the solution of it by yourself.

Just do some research and try not to modify the test file to resolve that error. you just need to modify something outside the test file.

can you tell me todos regarding this error is present in which file??because in taskboard of milestone 1 it is not written

Please go through the specific file which is causing that error, As i told you, you need to make one constructor for it.

well creating constructor using vs code quick fix removes the error.i think thats what we are expected to do right??

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Hey, seems like we have a solution for this query, so ill be closing this issue. If you face in problem in future feel free to raise a new query :slight_smile: