Error in Explore Pinterest APIs to add pins to the QEats Reviews board

please tell @sanketvy

As per doc and your instruction i did everything correctly @sanketvy

  1. I think again your image url is wrong. It’s not correct.
  2. the board/app you created on pintrest is having same name as qeats-review ?
  3. most important parameter is missing which was clearly mentioned to be used in document
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board id is missing ? Instead of board name should use board id ?

Board name is same qeats-review.

@sanketvy url is long but direcly opens up this

try using board name

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sorry…use board id

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where board id ? @sanketvy
instaed of board name?

@sanketvy you are TA of crio na ?

Your url is wrong for posting the pins.

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No…I am participant

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oh i m sorry i thought you are of Crio Team

@gouravsardana please tell wht is wrong here

Your image url is wrong.

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No problem.
You dont need username there but instead that you are missing one important thing

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except that everything is right ?
please share a handy url. I m unable to find one .

any TA available ?
@Sakshat-Crio.Do @Vinod_Crio_TA
please help buddy , m stuck

@gouravsardana url is long but directly oen up the image

Read the TODO, their you can find one url

leave postman work for now… and try to hit the api by python code.
You will get more understanding of problem

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