Error in Explore Pinterest APIs to add pins to the QEats Reviews board

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    I have succesfully generated the board id, now i am stuck at how to post images to pin board from postman .
    This is not handy

When i enter url and click SEND in postman, it says “404 Not Found: The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.”.
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  2. What is your hypothesis?

  1. Check if your authentication token is correct.
  2. Check your Board-id
  3. Again look for any mis-spellings you might have done by mistake.
  4. Read the api documentation properly you will surely get it.
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arre those things are correct .
Bas problem hai ki add kaise karna hai picture ko QEats Reviews board par .
Baki token, board id sab correct hai .
check kar liya

read error carefully you will figure out yourself what are you doing wrong and for hint what is the use of google keyword in the api url of pinterest look at your api url

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take the url which is already hosted over internet and use it.

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@amanagar It’s correct upto here since yahan tak i am using the format as given in doc .

After this i have to give any image url ? Like this one .
Right ?

is this a correct image url its google image listing url not a image destination url

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I don’t think its a correct url.
It must end with ‘.jpg’ or similar file format

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I searched but not getting any direct url.

That means the problem is only of URL . Right ?

will this work

  1. go to google image.
  2. right click on image which you want
  3. click copy image address
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@sanketvy This is ending with .jpg but still same error

@sanketvy I did as you said and now it says “Bad Request”.

i can see there is some error in this api call

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please tell what is the error

@sanketvy i am stuck in this from past 1 hour

your url is not well structured with required number of parameters.
You have not included all the parameters in the api call

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@sanketvy you mean to say this

@sanketvy Now i have included the params also

you still missed one thing

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