Error: Critical file transfer error in filezilla while uploading from local to remote server

I am getting this error and not able to resolve it. On remote server, files are not being uploaded even if the size is 200Bytes. All the files can be downloaded.

|Response:|200 Switching to Binary mode.|
|Response:|227 Entering Passive Mode (3,6,206,240,31,147).|
|Command:|STOR ForeignUnivs.odt|
|Response:|550 Permission denied.|
|Error:|Critical file transfer error|

check for permissions using command ls -ltr and use filezilla for file transfer if you are using local machine or phone.

Yes, all files have root permissions and I am using filezilla for file transfer.

then is this is showing in filezilla then you should look into your vsftpd_v1.conf and also make sure the files which you are trying to transfer it should have permission of crio-user not root

Thanks. I have already resolved it.