Error: Could not find method groupId() for arguments

I am quite confused in this module as never worked something like this
after mavencentral() I added required three fields in diff lines , it gives me error and trying to put those things in braces also gives me error I am unable to understand how to proceed any help will be highly appreciated
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Hey @divs30,
please check out this link

actually my error is it couldnot find groupID() method and the given post tells about jar not created error, may you please look to my errors and suggest what I have done wrong @akashchhetri

Try going through the references provided in the module. I guess you are passing parameters in a wrong way.

field1 ‘value1’
field1 ‘value1’
field2 ‘value2’
this is how I have specified required things in todos in build.gradle second one when I am getting above error
and while doing it like this
mavencentral() {
field1 ‘value1’
field1 ‘value1’
field2 ‘value2’
I am getting below error

this way I have reffered from the references I am unable to figure it out how I need to pass values, please hint something below is how arguments are passed in referrences
maven(MavenPublication) {
groupId ‘org.gradle.sample’
artifactId ‘project1-sample’
version ‘1.1’



Yeah, you are going in right direction! You might need to add some more lines as you might be seeing in references. Don’t add new plugins though, you might mess things up.

may you tell just one thing is there any todo’s provided with this methods shown are is that I have missed the todo’s

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may u please elaborate what u mean by adding new plugins as I didn’t added any

Yes you need to add maven parameters in this publications segment. Don’t bother about new plugins, if you haven’t added them. Just follow this :


Hey as @rg99 said, you just have to add parameters in the mavenPublication segment, do no make any other changes,
The plugins for maven have already been enabled, you just have to add the right maven parameters in this segment

and by plugin u must have meant not to use this apply plugin: ‘maven-publish’

You got it right @divs30 :smiley:

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Hey don’t post the answer here, Refer to the taskboard for the groupid, artifact id and the version.
You are right the about the function structure

so I need to add that function with that name, I was confused with it as it is the first time I am working with maven ,

Yeah you are on the right track :slight_smile:

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