Error: 503 Service Unavailable Provider

If you are getting the following errors:

It means that some exceptions are being raised.
There is some error in your coding logic. Recheck your logic.

One of the possible issues could be that you have not made the Right API call in the buildUri() function in the file.

Re-Inspect your API call.

If the issue still isn’t solved
For Other possible exceptions;

The description of exceptions is given under the
Python --json trades.json command that you are executing.
you can take a look at the last 5 lines of resulting output you get, to have an idea
For example, you can take a look at this screenshot, for understanding where the exceptions come in

Note: This above screenshot is a sample example output of the exceptions that are visible at end of your python command

Note: After you make changes in the code every time

Go to the Qmoney Directory

./gradlew publishToMavenLocal

This creates a new jar, based on the code changes that you have made.