Error 503 in UI

hey all,
I was running mu UI to see the results when i encountered this error .
The error is as follows:

Error - Request failed with status code 503

Now i think it is an error with the ticker ‘AAA’ as shown by the error here:

It says the ticker ‘AAA’ is not found.
I did an curl request and couldnt find the ticker(Screenshot below.)

Please look into it @Crio-Admin
Please look at the above FAQ and let me know if it solved your issue or not.

The problem was solved,and the assessment test passed as there was nothing wrong with my code.The problem 503 that i was getting was (as told in the question ) due to ticker value ‘AAA’, which if you do curl request will give error as there exixts no such ticker value.

The AAA ticker is intentional and is part of a milestone. You dont have to worry about it.
It doesnt exist in real. This error is intentionally put as part of a task