Either Memory is decreasing or remaining same when uploading and downloading 1gb file in milestone 1

i am monitoring 4 processes.
ftp 8081
./vsftp_v1 vsftp.conf(root)
./vsftp_v1 vsftp.conf(crio-user)
./vsftp_v1 vsftp.conf(nobody)
in all these 4 after uploading my 1gb file on server my RES and SHR memory is decreasing drastically like 500 or 600.
what is the issue here any help?

Hey @anmol1point0 have you tried to look into these links

because that is the task which you have to figure out which process to monitor so read these and use google.

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sir i have gone through these already, as i have mentioned in my topic, i am monitoring the above 4 processes,my cpu% is working fine but my RES value is not changing at all for all the 4 process.
I am so confused rn, googled my problem several times,but no luck.
any hint will be great.
i don’t want to mess up my benchmark file as i need to be 100 %sure about it for future purpose.

Hey @anmol1point0 i can tell you answer but there is no meaning if you will not figure it out by yourself and don’t afraid of making mistake eventually you will learn as much as mistake you will make

Hint: SHR stands shared memory RES stands for resident there is no meaning of monitoring SHR memory

right sir, okay just tell me one thing, are these processes right or not?
am i on the right track?

you are on right track


hey @amanagar,
i was just thiinking , can i take values in mem and cpu core 1 and 2 when the process is running,because apparently these values shows the overall change during the running process?

No @anmol1point0 this thing will not work you have noted down all the process as you have mentioned in topic but try to figure out which process’s cpu usage and memory usage you have to monitor using htop or top command because there are some process which are child process of vsftpd you have to find out parent process which is responsible for this and for help there is functionality in htop command in which you can see which is parent process or which is child process or you can do same thing using command ps -ef by checking Process ID and Parent Process ID.

I’m also stucked in same issue. I used tree view in htop and able to distinguish between processes such as an instance of server and client. But there I observed no increase in memory and it shows inconsistent behaviour sometime decrease rapidly sometimes remains constant. Not able to figure it out. By memory I mean resident set size.

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My RES values are also decreasing drastically sometimes and sometimes they remain same.

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Hey as of now you will able to see parent process then sometimes it happens with top command or htop command that they does not reflect variance immediately or sometimes when file is too small then file transfer happens in seconds and top or htop command doesn’t show them so in that case you have to change periodic variance of top command to show variance in every single second.

Hint: if any version is not showing reflection in memory usgae then you can move ahead because recommended version will show notable variance but don’t try to do same thing in case of cpu usage.

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If you think there is not much change in the memory usage during file transfer you can note the same in benchmark file. For the faulty versions the change should be significant enough that you’ll see the difference.

there is a change but the memory taken is not increasing… rather its decreasing or remains constant…what to do?

I logged the process info. every second and analyzed that info. and what I found was a decrement in value of RES in 3 out of 4 processes and also analysed and distinguish which processes are currently running !!! but my question is what I have to fill in

Any increase in memory taken by QBox Server after each upload :

 RES: The non-swapped physical memory a task has used.

      RES = CODE + DATA.

What decrement of RES tells here?

Just DATA @akashchhetri

hey i am stuck to the same prb what to monitor among 2 process ftp or vsftp did you found out i am confused both the process values are changing on file transfer which to choose

Hey @Akanksha_Dadhich,
First run FTP without vsftpd running in the background check your process status using any of the following commands like TOP, HTOP, PS etc. Then run your vsftpd server and follow above steps again. Notice the difference and then proceed further.
Ref : Either Memory is decreasing or remaining same when uploading and downloading 1gb file in milestone 1

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Think about this. ftp is the client process and you are in the process of benchmarking the QBox Server. Do you need to monitor the ftp process or the server process?


Good progress. Take RES as a whole since the memory monitoring won’t give us this detail and the overall memory usage is what we’re interested in. If the memory is not increasing by much, you can enter 0 in benchmark file as suggested in the instructions.

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i just want to confirm one thing, for Average CPU usage during upload and download, the process we have to examine is ‘ftp’ , it isn’t ‘vsftpd_v1’
am i right please because for high_cpu_usage milestone i am not getting anything

one more thing
for average cpu i am not using the one showing in top command display
i am using the “ps -p pid -o %cpu,cmd” this command’s output