Effect of Module 3 on Module 4-Milestone 3

My doubt is that we tried and explored vsftpd.conf in Module 3 to make server run properly.

Is it it possible unknowingly we may have restricted how uploaded file permission are generated by certain confirigation?

Rendering work of Module 4 milestone 3 useless as all version of vsftpd_v* behave in same way.

Module 3 has no impact on module 4. All the files including vsftpd and vsftpd.conf have been newly provided.

It was mentioned originally to take regular backup of vsftpd.conf file,
I overrode Module 4 version of vsftpd.conf to prevent previous errors in server.

I think doing setup git pull of module 4 may solve my dilema

The entire QBox directory gets removed and newly setup per module when you run the setup.sh script.

ok thanks :grinning:

do we have to run setup.sh after pulling the repo in module 4 first
and then proceed to milestone 1 of module 4

or the setup.sh needs to be done later