EditLines Failing

I have spent 10+ hours on this module and after looking through the test files and assertion. I saw that the assertions are failing because my version is always missing the last line in those test cases.

(just lineno 999 is missing ). I have observed this in many test cases
I request the mentors to take a look at my code.
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Hi @spacemonkey, In cases like this try to use the vscode debugger to locate the bug. It will be much faster to resolve the issue that way. Unfortunately, in this case, the issue seems to be unique to you and I have no way of knowing what went wrong in the code.

I have been using the debugger for all this time.
The problem is that the file sizes are really large. So I cannot go through them all
But assertion failure shows that they are not matching and upon further inspection I came to find that the problem was only in the last line.

Can you check your logic on Edit Lines here, It could be probable that you are not performing you editLines function properly, can you confirm that ?
Just check your bucket implementation

Yes the logic is not correct…I think so …I think its not taking some cases into consideration…The last line I think since it is not updated properly.
Can u help me regarding that?

Running debugger here would take forever…

Try to reduce the value of N and then see, what happens? did you think about this, what happens if the value is less, what will be the output, have you debugged this,
Refer to this FAQ

to understand about assertion testing…

Thanks for the hint
I found that for N=98 its passing and failing for N=99 and N=100

So for larger values , your testcase fails, can you now incoporate where your logic failed?
at which function,
what other case do you think of can be there?
Did you add that case there ?

the function is editLines Im sure

Yes, I know what the function is, I am asking you, you have a case now , it is failing now for value at 99, check your logic then ?

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