Doubt in output of top command

How to analyse the output of top command to find the increase in cpu and memory usage after an upload/download.

Hey @fakerodeo for information you have to monitor it manually while running top command in parallel terminal you have to check the increase in cpu and memory usage in while making transfer of files between server and client in parallel terminal


Which memory should we look for when monitoring for memory used during upload in MB

That is one of things you need to figure out :slightly_smiling_face:

But the increase is in %, and we have to find that in Mbs. How to find that?

For CPU it will be %, for Memory it will be in bytes.

what if the transfer lasts only 12 secs.

consider an average value lying in the range of usage.

It is never exceeding 0.1%. Am I seeing it correct??

What are you checking? Memory usage or CPU usage?

You can change periodicity of top command and check if it can report every second.

cpu usage :heart: :heart:

i have doing like this only, but there is not a single digit changing in any of the 4 process i am monitoring.
however there is significant change inCPU %.
any help?

Log the cpu and memory usage every second during the 1GB file transfer for these processes. You should see a difference.

sir, i have splitted my terminal and started the put command and for be double sure , i even made a video on my phone, there is no change in any parent process of vsftpd and ftp.